What are the Characteristics of an Arien’s Gas Log Splitter?

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Hard working and reliable are two words that are very commonly used to describe a product like the Arien’s gas log splitter. It features a powerful Subaru engine and is capable of performing wood splitting work with a great degree of efficiency. The following are some of the important characteristics associated with the Arien’s gas log splitter.

Powerful Wood Splitting Force

The Arien’s gas log splitter provides as much as twenty two tons of splitting force in order to split large logs in an effective manner. It is capable of both horizontal and vertical log splitting operations. Those who dont prefer gas splitter they generally go for top manual log splitter which are available on decent prices.

Ergonomic Height, Open Operating Zone and Convenient In-built Log Cradle

The Arien’s gas log splitter is characterized by an ergonomic height that allows for easier operation and features an open operating zone as well. It can split up logs that are as wide as twenty five inches and comes with an inbuilt log cradle for collecting all the debris.

Recoil Starting System and Efficient Subaru Engine

This gas splitter offers a recoil starting system and comes with a Subaru engine of 174cc and an 11 GMP dual stage hydraulic pump. The cycle time is very short, being valued at just 12 seconds, thus resetting the splitter easily after use for the purpose of continuous and quick log splitting work.

Long Term Warranty Policy, Not too Heavy with Excellent Fuel Tank Capacity

The Arien’s gas log splitter is accompanied by a warranty policy at the time of its purchase that is valid for as many as three years. The machine does not weigh more than 367 lbs and it has a fuel tank capacity of .32 gal.

Thus, the points mentioned above describe perfectly, the essential and well known features of the Arien’s gas log splitting device.